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Spotting Consumer 2.0

Billboard Chart Taps into Consumer Music Trends on Social Networks

The music-ranking mainstay Billboard has announced a new top 50 chart that better aligns with today's consumer listening habits. Eschewing its traditional tracking methods, the Billboard Social 50 Music Chart tracks artist popularity by pulling in data from the social graph to see what songs are most frequently shared among consumers on major social networks; combining that with consumer engagement data around the artists' social network profiles.

MTV followed suit, launching its own take on a socially-ranked music chart. The MTV Music Meter accounts for similar metrics to Billboard, but also looks to YouTube and Vevo viewing stats to account for the habits of a consumer audience that doesn't purchase CDs or MP3s, and is too particular to rely on the recommendations of Pandora. More than ever, the music industry is embracing the values and habits of Consumer 2.0 on all fronts. Realizing that record sales may no longer be the strongest singular indicator of music popularity among Consumer 2.0, they've tapped into the generation's complex social graphs and preferred online music platforms to better understand how they listen.

Bing Harnesses Peers to Make Holiday Purchasing Decisions

No longer will a consumer have to text or call a friend for purchasing advice; now they can do it all on Facebook! To kick off the holiday season, Bing worked with Mr Youth to develop a Facebook application that allows consumers to compare two products with Bing Shopping, and then share these searches with specific friends who are asked to weigh in on the decision making process. By adding friends into this process, Bing has offered indecisive shoppers a more efficient buying experience – giving consumers more time for all of the other things they care about. In its first month, the application has generated more than 71,000 engagements and 1.8 million searches.
Check out the application.

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